The Polar FT7 and Polar Ft4 Heart Rate Monitors Overview

Published: 22nd June 2011
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One can never overemphasize that when you are in a date, your date expects your full attention. Do not appear distracted on your first date. Answering phone calls or texting in the company of a gracious man or woman tops the list of dating don'ts not only because it is disrespectful. It also might cause their eyes to wander and pay attention to other prospects. Fielding phones do not only show your lack of interest, but also your rudeness. The whole point of dating is to know another person - PERIOD.

3. Being the great pretender.

Lying or pretending to be someone else is a horrible way of presenting yourself to a prospective relationship partner. A lot of people do this in hopes of impressing their date, but ended up failing. However, being too open and too honest can also be a bad thing. For instance, if you happen to dine at a restaurant and that the food and service was horrible, find something else to talk about. Your date did not dress up to hear you complain and whine all night.

4. Turning Dates into Therapy Sessions

There are people who are convinced that talking about their issues and emotional entanglements makes them seem caring and sensitive. This makes it among the classic dating don'ts. The last thing you should discuss with your date is your insecurities, past relationship, how much you have been hurt before and more of your personal drama. Don't make your date make his or her conclusion to how many people passed you up and why.

5. Escaping the bill.

Centuries ago, men are expected to pay for the meal and it is never an option. However, in today's world of feminists, a woman's gesture to foot the bill is still a bit off. Men who excuse themselves to the men's room the second the bill is delivered on the table is a major turn off.

There are more dating don'ts out there. If you happen to be guilty of one or two, do not despair. Pick yourself up and keep trying.

Prepare yourself for your next date by keeping fit and healthy with either a Polar FT7 or Garmin 305 Heart Rate Monitor today.

When you mention heart rate monitors, one name comes first to anyone's mind and that is the Polar brand. From professional athletes to fitness enthusiasts around the globe, Polar heart monitors have been their choice for achieving personal goals and reaching milestones in their training and workout routines. Two of their latest creations have been the Polar Ft7 and the Polar Rs300x heart monitor watches. Here is a short review on the both of them.

The Polar FT7 Review

The Polar FT7 is the latest work of wonder from this manufacturer. The new Polar FT7 comes with many great features that take fitness workouts to another level. For instance, the FT7 comes with the Energy Pointer function that tells the user if their training is pointing more to fitness or weight loss. This is a relatively new feature to Polar heart monitors. With this feature, you will be able to track your training more accurately.

This monitor is also able to display the amount of calories burned during workouts and provide exercise data for easy access.

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